Talent Profile: European Tour Caddy Steve Brotherhood

Talent Profile: European Tour Caddy Steve Brotherhood

Pete Turner
March 10, 2018

Steve Brotherhood

European Tour Caddy, Entrepreneur & Founder of the Tour Caddy Experience...

...took the Clifton Strengthsfinder® Talent Psychometric and spoke to talent-psychology practitioner Pete Turner. Steve explains how his talents got him out of some tricky situations on Tour and how he uses them for business success. Steve has 3 European Tour wins, 5 second places and up to 30 top ten finishes! Steve is also the founder of his company - The Tour Caddy Experience. Which helps the average club player think like a Pro.


Steve’s top 5 Talents from his psychometric report show a real dominance in the relationship building and influencing talents… but he clearly knows how to execute goals and prefers to think ahead rather than on the past.

Gallup define talent as a recurring pattern of thought, feeling and behavior that can be productively applied.

  1. WOO® Wining Others Over. An influencing talent that describes someone at their best when working alongside others, building immediate rapport and getting the best out of others. A talent that often brings fun and energy into relationships.
  2. Futuristic® A strategic thinking talent that describes someone’s preference for thinking ahead rather than thinking of the past.
  3. Positivity® A relationship building talent that describes a naturally optimistic attitude and outlook.
  4. Achiever® An executing talent. This describes people that enjoy getting things done. A recurring talent for high achievers
  5. Communication® An influencing talent which describes a natural disposition to move others, be skillful with words, and a satisfaction from translating ideas from inside their heads to others.

This is what Steve (known as ‘Bro’ on Tour) had to say about how he brings his Talents to the European Tour and to business

Steve Brotherhood

Viribus: What did you think of your top 5 talents in the psychometric report? Did they seem accurate to you?

Bro: Yes, they seemed accurate. I was really honest on the answers during the assessment. I was fairly pleased with the results when I saw them which was nice.

Viribus: Which of the top 5 did you identify most with?

Bro: Definitely Achiever® and Positivity®. I generally have a really positive mindset and when I put my mind to things, I really strive to make it happen.

Viribus: Which of the top 5 did you least identify with?

Bro: There were none that took me by surprise. It was great to read the profile as I felt it was an accurate picture of me. So no… nothing that I did not identify with.

Viribus: If you were to include another talent from the list of 34 into your top 5, which would you put in there, and why?

Bro: I’m not sure… probably anything that describes me as a people-person would fit well in the top five. It takes a lot for me to not get on with people and for people not to connect with me. I’m at my best when working alongside others.

Viribus: So, looking at your time on Tour… which of your talents have you had to rely on most, in the heat of competition?

Bro: Communication® and Positivity® for sure! At the Abu Dhabi National my player David Howell on the last day was winning the tournament by one shot with 5 holes to play, we were really set up to win and he was flying. Needless to say, it would have been a great pay day for both of us, as my pay depends on my player performing well. In terms of our careers, it would be a massive success. On the 13th hole he hit a green side bunker. He played the ball out nicely, but then proceeded to four-putt from close range for a triple bogie! It was a disastrous moment. We had pretty much lost our chance to win the tournament after a great 4 days, it was gut wrenching. Needless to say Howeller was furious. What’s even worse is that putting is one of the best parts of his game. At this point it could all go badly downhill, but we still had a chance to finish in the top ten which would still be a decent outcome. But when you have just lost the chance to win, it’s hard for some people to stay positive. My natural positivity really helped me keep some perspective. I had about 2 minutes on that short walk to have the most positive impact that I could. It was a big moment. Fortunately, I was able to communicate skillfully with Howeller on that walk, present an optimistic outcome and help get him into a good mindset to finish strong. Howeller is also mentally very strong and together we worked really well. He played the last 5 holes beautifully and we still finished in the top 10. Howeller was really complimentary to me after the round about how I responded in those moments, and that natural positivity and being confident in my communication were the talents that I drew on. Of course, Howeller has to take the credit as he is the one that has to hit the ball. His mindset was brilliant in those final holes and together we made a great team. It ended up being one of my proudest moments on Tour.

Viribus: How do your talents affect the way you think when competing?

Bro: I was interested to see the Futuristic® talent in my top 5. It’s true that I am more interested in the future than I am in the past. It’s important in golf not to dwell on things that have just happened and stay focused on what’s coming up. That’s very natural for me and it was pleasing to see that come up in my profile, as it’s an important thinking habit on the golf course.

Viribus: When your player is playing well, how do your talents maintain a nice balance of relaxation and concentration?

Bro: It’s the ability to change the focus throughout the game. Players tend to get really focused for those 40 seconds for each shot, and then in those moments between the shots it’s important to be able to rest the focus and then distract to other things. Being able to engage in some fun conversation, some enjoyable distractions and then know how to re-align the focus for shot making time. I guess that’s where my Woo® and Communication® talents are key for this, as I am at my best when being able to talk a bit of rubbish one minute and then get really focused the next minute!”

Viribus: How do you balance seriousness and fun during competition days?

Bro: Obviously, there is a fine line between having too much fun and making sure you’re doing a great job! If you average it down to 70 shots per round and 40 seconds per shot, that’s only about 30 to 40 minutes of focused concentration, the rest is 4 hours of walking between shots and waiting for greens to clear. That’s when you need to be clever about getting the balance right between a bit of fun, chat, stories, light hearted jokes and then getting the focus back to perform. Those emotional intelligence and relationship building skills are crucial again… being able to get the balance right is key.

Viribus: Your Tour Caddy Experience Business is a company that you set up to bring an extra level to your average club player. How do you bring your talent profile to what that company offers?

The Caddy is the middle man between the client and the Tour Pro. So, the client gets not only expert coaching and course management guidance, but they also get to hear some great stories from the Tour and some decent banter on the course. They are going to learn a lot but importantly they are going to have a great deal of fun in the process. All of this is about being able to strike immediate rapport early on and be able to interact skillfully for those 4 to 5 hours on the course. It’s all about relationships and that’s me at my best... being positive, getting on well with people and knowing how to interact on their level. Also, when they play with us they simply can’t make any mistakes… As our Tour moto teaches them; when things go wrong... left and right is the coaches fault, short and long is the caddy’s fault, so it’s never the fault of the players!

Viribus: If you were not caddying on the Tour, and you had some spare time from the TCE business, what other job would you do? How do you think your talents suit other jobs?

Bro: Well as I said, I love working alongside people and I know that I have the ability to make an impact with people. I loves Sales, Leadership and I also love Business Development roles. I actually have quite a bit of experience in the telecommunications industry. I have quite a broad interest in many things so I tend to get excited about different options. Obviously, I have my own company that runs in the background, that I am able to run alongside caddying. My ideal career change would be a Director of Golf role at an ambitious golf club. I’m passionate about the sport and I’m passionate about people. Unfortunately, my longtime player David Howell in and out of competition with some injuries, I still love competing on the Tour and I am at my best when working alongside people that want to be the very best… So, I’m definitely open to getting back on to the Tour and competing.

To Learn more about how to contact Steve Brotherhood or to participate in the Tour Caddy Experience, check it out hereTour Caddy Experience

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