My TOP 10 Strengths-Focussed Questions

My TOP 10 Strengths-Focussed Questions

Pete Turner
March 7, 2018

My top 10 strengths-focussed questions I wish my manager asked me when I was an employee…

Strengths focussed attention maximizes engagement

When I look back over my time as an employee, I was just crying out for my manager’s to know me really well, know me at my best and bring that best into play. When it happened… I flew. But, far too often I felt they either didn’t really know me, or only knew me for my weaknesses. Here is a list of questions I wish my manager focussed on in our review meetings, or even in those brief encounters in the office corridors.

Spot the questions about gaining awareness, those about bringing action and those that are designed to ensure weakness are not getting in the way of performance.

  1. Tell me about you at your best?
  2. What strengths and talents do you have that we could bring into play over the next week, month, year?
  3. Tell me about your strengths and talents that I don’t know about?
  4. What part of your job do you seem to have unlimited energy for?
  5. What part of your job do you find yourself procrastinating in? How can we leverage your talents to minimize that procrastination?
  6. Thinking about you at your best… What do you need to do more of this week to increase team and individual performance?
  7. Who in the team has different strengths that partner yours really well?
  8. Where can the department rely on you in terms of high performance?
  9. Which of your strengths sometimes get negatively misunderstood by others? How can we manage around that?
  10. What initiatives or innovations can you see leading that would really leverage your strengths and increase team performance?

But what if people think they are strong or talented in a particular area, but you view those areas as a weakness?

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