We help people capture, nurture and unleash their talent in to the world

Individual Performance
Uncover and leverage individual talent


Individuals who focus on their strengths are 6 times more likely to be engaged in their roles

Team Performance
Discover the unique talent profile of your team

Strategic Thinking
Relationship Building

Teams that focus on Strengths everyday have 12.5% greater productivity

Viribus Performance Associates specialize in maximizing engagement for professionals and business teams. Our approach is to identify talent profiles and through specialized coaching, support clients to intentionally leverage talent toward professional goals.

Viribus Performance Associates
Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring professionally certified and inspirational coaches into the lives of great people and great businesses. We believe that anyone with aspirations needs a coach.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people capture, nurture and unleash their Talent into the world.

Viribus Values


Being professionally credible is fundamental to our values and our reputation as a leader in professional coaching and talent development. All of the Viribus Performance Associates have significant professional accreditations, as well as expertise and experience in coaching and facilitating performance. We apply evidenced-based practice for the real world.


We love what we do and we enjoy what we do. We believe that fun and excellence partner each other in powerful ways. When people are having fun, they are often more courageous, more honest and more impactful.


At our heart, we are an educational business. We know we do not have all the answers. In-fact, the answers are almost always within the clients. We aim to learn from our clients as they hope to learn from us. We strive to be a little better at what we do after every engagement.

Relationships & Honesty

Transformation happens within the synergy of powerful relationships. We treasure our community of clients and work hard to support and value the integrity of trusting relationships. We will only engage in professional relationships where we feel transformation can occur.  If a client engages Viribus-PA, but our values are misaligned, we shall support the client in finding other arrangements.


We know that in order to support the growth of high performance – Viribus PA must lead with high performance in every aspect of our existence, throughout and beyond our professional engagements.